Workshop “Machine Learning for Quantum Technology” (May 8-10, 2019)

This international workshop covers emerging applications of machine learning to quantum devices, including advanced methods like reinforcement learning.

May 8-10, 2019, at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen, Germany

Note: The workshop will be preceded by a two-day school for students trying to enter the field, going from a recap of the basics of neural networks to advanced techniques.

Scientific Organization: Florian Marquardt

Local Organization: Gesine Murphy

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

  • Hans Briegel, Innsbruck
  • Evert van Nieuwenburg, Caltech
  • Roger Melko, Waterloo
  • Alan Aspuru-Guzik, Toronto
  • Barry Sanders, Calgary
  • Jens Eisert, Berlin
  • Paul Baireuther, Leiden
  • Fabio Sciarrino, Rome
  • Renato Renner, ETH Zürich
  • Marin Bukov, UC Berkeley
  • Mauro Paternostro, Belfast
  • Natalia Ares, Oxford
  • Emmanuel Flurin, CEA Saclay
  • Enrico Prati, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Raffaele Santagati, Bristol

Registration starts January 10, 2019. Registration deadline: March 31, 2019. There will be the possibility to submit short contributed talks and poster presentations.